Cycle Mobility Summit

Dutch Cycling Week presents i.c.w. Utrecht Bike Community (UBC), International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF), Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) and media partner NieuwsFiets Events the first Cycle Mobility Summit, a one-day national conference aimed at knowledge sharing and promoting safe bicycle use. During the day there will be a MobilityExpo in the Transitzone, where bicycle brands, service providers and knowledge platforms will present themselves. The day ends with an informal Cycle Mobility Networking reception for the exchange of experiences.

At the Cycle Mobility Summit, you will gain valuable insights from industry authorities and meet influential organizations in cycling policy. The central theme is integrating cycling into mobility strategies and vitality within your organization. In addition, Elemental's research findings on sustainability in cycling will be presented and discussed. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of urban mobility, sustainability and vitality.


The Cycle Mobility Summit offers policymakers, HR managers, fleet managers and facility managers a unique opportunity to be part of a high-quality network. Topics include bicycle mobility, sustainability and health. The organization and sponsors make it possible for the Cycle Mobility Summit to be free of charge for interested professionals.


UBC provides three components in 3 blocks around the desired leap of scale in bicycle use. She shows with the launch of Cyclist Museum the puzzle pieces of Dutch cycling culture that we need to drive innovation. Then, related to this, the urgency and potential of Bicycle & Health theme is also highlighted from different health perspectives. Finally, we discuss with panel with the President of VNO-NCW, the Director of Regional Development Agency Utrecht, Provincial Executive and Country Manager of Shimano.

Date October 3
Location Supernova
Visitors 500

Building event

  • High-quality program thanks to commitment network Utrecht Bike Community and Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Inspiration sessions, panel discussions and Q&As
  • Opportunity to network and meet professionals
  • Bicycle brand exhibition & leasing companies
  • International Cycle Infra Masterclass
  • UBC Networking Meeting
  • DCE Quarterly Meeting



Cycle Mobility Summit

Rick Hackmann, Organizer
+31 (0)6 40 48 27 22