Central Events organizes Utrecht Bike Circus during Dutch Cycling Week



In the heart of Utrecht, amidst the Dutch Cycling Week, Central Events presents a brilliant new attraction: the Utrecht Cycle Circus. Designed specifically to introduce the youngest generation to the joys of cycling in a playful way, this event targets children between the ages of 4 and 12. The Cycle Circus is more than a day of entertainment; it is a sophisticated opportunity to stimulate cycling interest through participatory, skill-based challenges that highlight the versatility of cycling.

With activities ranging from bike lessons and fear victory sessions to repair workshops, a traffic quiz, and the excitement of a pumptrack, the event offers a unique blend of education and entertainment. The market and various performances, including those by Fissafiets, Holland Sport Bicycle Track, bicycle acrobats and a special performance by the Youth Theater, guarantee an unforgettable experience for young participants and their families.

The Utrecht Cycling Circus welcomes not only enthusiastic youth, but also their parents, family, friends and cycling enthusiasts of all ages. This event is a lively celebration of cycling culture, designed to raise awareness of the health benefits and enjoyment of cycling as a normal form of mobility.

By participating in the Cycle Circus, children become more dexterous on bikes while playing, which contributes to sports stimulation among young people and their general health. The Utrecht Cycle Circus promises to be a day full of fun, learning and action, and an unforgettable addition to Dutch Cycling Week.