Cycling Gala End of Year Show

The cycling gala will move to the theater in 2024, where after dinner and networking, the award ceremony will take place with 1,000 additional seats. This marks the start of a lifestyle expo starting in 2025, focused on increased bicycle use and healthier lifestyles, with awards for top athletes.


A unique year-end theater show offers cycling fans and corporate clients and associates a unique opportunity to be part of the professional cycling world in a special, intimate setting.

Date Oct. 21
Location Beatrix Theatre
Visitors 1.700

Building event

  • Gala dinner with sales networking tables
  • Awards ceremony
  • Expo in the foyer
  • VIP tickets for theater show
  • Theater show for cycling fans
  • Future: Build out lifestyle expo in 2025 i.c.w. partners



Dutch Cycling Week

Ralf van Heugten, Project Manager
+31 (0) 6 48 25 86 23

Cycling Gala

Rene Koppert, Stichting Organisatie Wielergala
+31 (0)6 51 21 33 11