Utrecht Cycling Circus

The Utrecht Cycle Circus stimulates cycling interest in children (4-12 years) through participatory, skill-based challenges and demonstrates the versatility of cycling. The goal is to encourage cycling as a normal form of mobility by making children more dexterous through play.


The Utrecht Cycling Circus welcomes enthusiastic youth from 4 to 12 years old, their parents, family, friends and cycling fans. A day of fun and educational activities for all.

Date October 6
Location Utrecht
Visitors 500

Building event

  • Cycling lessons & anxiety recovery
  • Repair workshops & refurbishing
  • Traffic Quiz
  • Pumptrack & market
  • Performances & youth theater including Fissafiets, Holland Sport Cycling Course, Bicycle Acrobats and a performance by the Youth Theater



Utrecht Cycling Circus

Laurens Hillmann, Central Events
+31 (0)6 28 67 93 28