International Cargo Bike Festival

Leading international event on the theme of bin and cargo bikes, focused on zero-emission and last-mile solution in urban logistics.


The International Cargo Bike Festival is attended by cargo bike manufacturers, designers, engineers, policy makers, fleet managers, SME professionals and individuals. The latter especially on Saturday because of its simultaneity with LegoWorld.

Date Oct. 25-26
Location Expo Hall
Visitors 4.500

Building event

  • Talks & workshops for knowledge transfer
  • Exhibition of cargo bike brands & leasing companies
  • Test track next to Expo Hall
  • ICBF networking meeting
  • International event with participants from around the world
  • Friday B2B, Saturday B2C programming



International Cargo Bike Festival

Jos Sluijsmans, Organizer
+31 (0)6 30 01 48 01