Cycle Mobility Summit

Nieuwsfiets organizes a national B2B event for bicycle mobility, sustainability and health, with the aim of sharing knowledge and promoting bicycle use. This goes hand in hand with the ROM DUMO day and a network meeting of the Utrecht Bike Community.


The Cycle Mobility Summit attracts a diverse audience, including consulting firms, HR managers and CSR professionals from both SMEs and large corporations, as well as representatives from bicycle brands.

Date October 3
Location Supernova
Visitors 500

Building event

  • Talks & workshops
  • Bicycle brand exhibition & leasing companies
  • International Cycle Infra Masterclass
  • ROM's Sustainable Mobility Day
  • UBC Networking Meeting
  • DCE Quarterly Meeting
  • High-quality program through partners like Dutch Cycling Embassy



Cycle Mobility Summit

Rick Hackmann, Organizer
+31 (0)6 40 48 27 22